Ricetta Gin Tonic,

Let’s talk about Mixology and see how to prepare one of the most famous and appreciated cocktails in the world: the Gin Tonic. Some historical notes, the classic recipe, and a little twist by Elena Spirits.

Gin, tonic water, ice, lemon: on paper, simple ingredients for an easy-to-make cocktail. The result of a centuries-old recipe (it seems it was created in the 1700s at the University of Leiden by Dr. Sylvius, a famous Dutch naturalist and physician), it has undergone continuous modifications and reinterpretations over the years.

What is the official recipe? Let’s see it together.

Gin Tonic


  • 5 cl of Gin
  • 15 cl of cold tonic water
  • 1 lemon
  • Ice


Fill a glass (preferably a Highball or tall tumbler) with ice.

Pour the gin.

Add the tonic water. Stir with a bar spoon, slowly and briefly, to avoid excessively degassing the tonic water.

From the lemon peel, cut a strip, squeeze it slightly, and drop it into the glass.

The history of the Gin Tonic: from the halls of the University of Leiden to the streets of London

The ancestor of the modern Gin Tonic was born in 1650 in the Netherlands; it was the naturalist and physician Dr. Sylvius and other esteemed colleagues who worked on the recipe of a drink that could cure malaria. An important problem for Dutch soldiers engaged on the eastern front of the Indian colonies.

The Dutch Jenever (medicinal liquor) arrived in England in the 17th century. Here, His Majesty’s subjects began producing a local version of the Dutch drink, which would be named Gin.

Around the same time, the Spaniards imported the bark of the Cinchona tree to Europe, a remedy used by the South American natives for fever. It was discovered that the tonic obtained from the Cinchona had antimalarial properties, thus creating Quinine.

Let’s jump forward to 1794. A German chemist named Johann Jacob Schweppe created soda water. A medicinal drink that we can consider a primitive tonic water, to which sweetener and carbon dioxide were later added. Now we have the two basic ingredients of the Gin Tonic, we just need to wait for them to meet!

In the 18th century, the British colonized the Indies, bringing with them both Gin and tonic water. The mixture of the two drinks was flavored with a local citrus, lime. The recipe spread throughout Europe, first gaining popularity in the United Kingdom, then reaching Spain, France, and slowly establishing itself across the continent.

An unstoppable success, considering that it is still one of the most known and appreciated cocktails in the world.

Elena Gin Tonic

Try making the Gin Tonic with our Elena Gin, London Dry in Langa Style. The traditional taste of the ingredients will be joined by a small twist from Langa, thanks to the selection of local botanicals that inspired us when we imagined it. An opulent spirit, with a rich and full-bodied flavor, with a very long persistence. Tempered by neutral tonic water and enhanced by lemon or lime, it will create a Gin Tonic to scream for. Indeed, a true Elena Gin Spirit!