Wine & Spirits has named our Elena Laz19 Torino Superiore Vermouth as the Best Vermouth of the year. This accolade honors our dedication and fills us with immense pride.

A significant milestone is but a line crossed, if there’s no one to share it with. We dedicate this wonderful news to all of you, to those who choose our spirits, a revelation that has truly made us proud of our efforts and came as a delightful surprise. Its unexpected nature made it all the more cherished!

Wine & Spirits, Best of the Year Spirits 2023

As is the annual tradition, the prestigious Wine & Spirits magazine (established in 1982) provides a roundup of the year’s wines and spirits. Around 11,000 labels are subjected to expert judgment, and from these, only the outstanding ones that particularly captivated the tasting panel are chosen. The Elena Laz19 Torino Superiore Vermouth was unanimously recognized as the Best Vermouth of the year.

Elena Spirits was born from a deep-seated desire. A drive to take the spirit of Piedmont far and wide, a passion for the Langhe, and a time-honored tradition of exceptional flavors to be savored. We poured energy, passion, and expertise into every bottle produced, striving to uphold what the history of local spirits has shaped over the years. Meticulously crafted recipes, refined through time and processes, are enriched with botanicals that we knew would impart a unique personality to the Gin and Vermouth under the Elena Spirits brand.

Just as it happens in the world of wine, scents and flavors are heralds of a story: in this case, our own. It’s a blend of personal, familial events intertwined with a broader context.

Wine and spirits truly embody a region and those who produce them.

Such is the case with our spirits, and such we wish it to always be.

We reproduce the text in which the Elena Laz19 Torino Superiore Vermouth is mentioned in the Best of the Year Spirits.


Elena Laz19 Torino Superiore Vermouth (18 percent ABV, $50)

Elena Penna and Luca Currado Vietti both hail from families that have historically been involved in the local tradition of Vermouth di Torino—Penna through hospitality and Currado Vietti through winemaking. They embarked on this project to revive this tradition in Italy’s Langhe hills. The base wine for the Laz19 Superiore comprises one-third Barolo Lazzarito and two-thirds arneis. They exclusively utilize locally-sourced, hand-harvested citrus and herbs, which they macerate in alcohol, then blend with the wine base. The superior quality of the ingredients shines through in this intricate vermouth, its lingering flavors a riddle to ponder, perhaps never to decipher. Encased within is a profound, savory, and contemplative aromatized wine brimming with spices like clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon bark. Yet, amid these deeper notes, it radiates with hints of red berries and rhubarb; a compelling paradox, akin to Christmas in July.
From the Earth, Napa, CA

Christmas in July

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to relish certain special moments whenever we wish? Even out of season, even when nothing suggests they might occur. The description provided by Wine & Spirits of our Vermouth perfectly encapsulates this idea: “Like Christmas in July“.

And this is precisely what we hoped for you to experience when savoring our spirits. A timeless journey, igniting sensations and emotions, warming the heart.

We’ve said it before, and we reiterate: we dedicate this recognition to all of you, who have shown appreciation for our craft and who motivate us to excel daily. May the Spirits of Langa always be for you a blissful haven, a magical and special moment.

May they be for you, like Christmas in July!