Gin and Vermouth Elena Spirits are the fruit of a traditional production method using local botanicals. From the land to the glass, a journey through the flavours of the Langhe.

When we imagined Elena Spirits, the coordinates of the journey were clear right from the start. On the strength of a shared experience, as our families have always traditionally produced spirits and liqueurs, our aim was to give voice to the botanicals of our territory with spirits strongly characterised by the suggestions of the places we call home.

This desire led to the decision to use only essences and botanicals Made in Langa. A genuine imperative, which we have always chosen to remain true to.

The botanicals of Elena Spirits Gin

Our Gin is infused with the breath of the Langhe and Maritime Alps. We have chosen juniper, almond, thyme, elderflower, Alpine angelica flower, Alpine wild mint, wild chamomile, citron and chinotto peel.

The production process involves infusion and percolation to create natural distillates. To enhance the aroma of the essences, filtration is carried out cold, with no resins or synthetic material.

We use an 18th century copper still for Small Batch spirits, heated with a wood fire. We do this not because of a particular affectation but to bring echoes of our past into the production process. Every home here had a wood-burning stove, called a putagè in Piedmontese dialect: not just a means of heating in cold seasons, but the heart of family life. Hearing the sound of the wood logs crackling is like leafing through an old photo album. It puts a smile on your face and makes you feel like you are in the right place. This is what we want those who choose our Gin to feel.

Vermouth Elena Spirits and the botanicals of Langa

Over the years, herbalists worked hard to obtain a blend of spices and essences suitable for Vermouth, even before the fortified wine born in Turin had that name. A bouquet of scents that would go well with the chosen wine, to broaden its aromatic range.

For Elena Spirits, we followed the same path. We sought out local botanicals, selecting only those that were most expressive. We chopped them up finely, fresh or dried. Three weeks of cold extraction, then the addition of wine, alcohol and sugar.

Breathing new life into the family tradition for producing liqueurs also means having the ambition to bring something new to the attention of enthusiasts, something really worth opening. For this reason, in addition to Vermouth from Nebbiolo, we have chosen to experiment with two variations based on the finest Barolo: Ravera 2018 and Lazzarito 2019. One part white wine, in keeping with 19th century tradition, completes the profile of our Vermouths.

From nature to the bottle, in a nutshell, is the guiding principle behind Elena Spirits. It does so today, with our first labels. It will do it again, tomorrow, when what we are working on finally ends up in the glasses of enthusiasts.