The Langhe opens up to the world, and the world colours the Langhe with new inspiration. Langhe tradition meets international spirit.

We are Elena, Luca, Michele and Giulia. We were born in the Langhe, we grew up in the Langhe, and we have taken a pinch of the Langa with us every time we have discovered (or rediscovered) a new corner of the world.

We are explorers. Not only because of the journeys that often take us far from home, but also and above all because of the curiosity we share, the desire for discovery. Elena Spirits is almost a natural transition, a new journey we are making together, the evolution of a path that began with wine many years ago.

Langhe tradition

The Langhe are a world. It is hard to define them in any other way. Every hill, every layer of soil, every village overlooking the vineyards, every brick contains fragments of history, voices, suggestions and perspectives. The spirit of Langa.

Our land is a land of creation. A great space where people traditionally struggle, cultivate and create. Wine has now become an internationally recognised ambassador of this land. We are proud of this, of course, even if it has somewhat overshadowed other characteristics that we would like to see make a comeback.

Elena Spirits is also a tribute to the Langhe. And its feminine name is proof of this. A feminine essence which is embodied in generations of women who have silently guided entire families, who have always been the centre and heart of every home in the Langhe.

Langhe tradition also means possessing a knowledge of your land, its fruits, its treasures. We have honed this knowledge, with particular regard to wine, yet in our past there was a strong link between wine and spirits, because our parents and their predecessors produced spirits. We discovered old recipes, adding and experimenting with small variations, the product of our curiosity and knowledge.

Today Elena Spirits wants to be a small window onto the Langhe thanks to its products. A window that opens up to offer a new vision, a spotlight in the middle of the stage that illuminates those bathed in its glow in an unusual way. And it does so with…

International spirit

Travelling means discovery. Not only new places and people but, above all, what you have left behind. Travelling means getting to know the place you left a little better.

Elena Spirits is a way of presenting a new perspective on the Langhe. When we travel outside of Italy, we often meet people who have developed an idea of our country that is profoundly different from our own. Many of the considerations formed within new perspectives can be wrong, forced. Yet others spark new thoughts, providing a different key to deciphering our country. This applies not only to Italy but also to the Langhe.

So, Langhe tradition, international spirit. Elena Spirits is this. The legacy of a past that has brought us to where we are today, and the desire to occupy a prominent position everywhere in the world, with our identity, our stories and our pure Piedmontese spirit.