Vermouth bianco: 5 cose da sapere

When we talk about Vermouth, the first image that comes to mind is a red, aromatic, and intense fortified wine. Have you ever tried white Vermouth? Here’s why you should.

In the year 1786, Vermouth took on its current identity. It is thanks to Antonio Benedetto Carpano that it acquired well-defined characteristics, which over the years have helped create the drink we all know and love. While red Vermouth is well-known and appreciated, white Vermouth is less popular and, in our opinion, undeservedly neglected. We are here to rectify this injustice: here are 5 reasons why a lover of Spirits should give white Vermouth a chance.

5 good reasons to drink white Vermouth

It has ancient origins

Il vermouth ha origine antiche, nasce ufficialmente a Torino nel 1786.
Vermouth (white or red) has very ancient origins: an ancestor of this beverage was known already in Ancient Greece, where it was administered as a medicament. The herbs macerated in wine indeed had medicinal virtues and were believed to alleviate some ailments.

If we were to imagine a birthdate to write on the identity card of Vermouth, we would have to go back to 1786 Piedmont and thank Antonio Benedetto Carpano.

As we have seen, the history of this liquor is deeply rooted in ancient times, and if it has survived until today, it truly has the credentials to win over enthusiasts. Although white Vermouth is not as widespread as its red siblings, it shares with them prestige, historical significance, and a truly indomitable Piedmontese spirit!

Tasting tips

Have you decided to try white Vermouth, but would like some advice on how to try it? No worries, here are our suggestions. The first tasting we suggest is neat, with a couple of ice cubes. This way, you can fully savor its taste and focus on the unique characteristics that make it so elegant and velvety.

Add a lime or orange zest if you want to try a more aromatic approach.


Once you have experimented with white Vermouth, then you can delve into a truly special pairing: try it with a small tasting of semi-hard cheeses. Delicate, harmonious, it enhances the botanicals it contains thanks to the intense and fragrant character of the cheese’s aging. A burst of flavors that will captivate you from the first taste.

A privileged relationship with Gin

Because of the organoleptic characteristics of Vermouth, the pairing with Gin within cocktails is perfect. More than perfect, in fact: we might call it sumptuous. The aromatic notes of Gin harmonize with the characteristics of white Vermouth, creating balanced, aromatic, and intense cocktails. Give it a try: experiment with your recipes or be inspired by the advice of the most established bartenders, it will be a very pleasant journey of discovery!
Vermouth bianco e Gin: sposalizio perfetto

White Vermouth… of Langa

A good reason to try white Vermouth? The scents of Langa. Yes, because if you choose Elena Spirits, you will be able to savor our exclusive Vermouth di Torino Superiore Bianco TIM21 based on Timorasso-Derthona. An inspired, elegant, rich in scents, sensual bouquet produced with a blend of local botanicals from an ancient family recipe.